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Drive purchases and collect insights from consumers on your digital store or app with Lucky, the best personalized insight experience.

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How it works

Meet the Lucky Moment

Excite your users with location-based and personalized offers, connecting digital and physical commerce.

75% of people are more inclined to buy a product if the experience is personalized



Deliver a relevant experience every time.

  • Deliver a relevant experience every time

    Personalized Experiences - Create unlimited personalized content experiences based on the day, time, or area.

  • Focus on location specific consumers

    Geo-Targeted Content - Engage with users in the entire city or just within a few blocks of your event or store.

  • Personalize your retargeting

    Custom Audience Retargeting - Collect personas and profiles of the consumers interacting with your brand.

  • Incentivize your consumer

    Consumer Insights & Give Rewards - Receive direct feedback about your brand/services.

  • Real time results

    See results in the moment as consumers are responding to your branded insights.

  • Network for deep personalization

    Collect personas and profiles of the consumers interacting with your brand to retarget.

Technology Made For You

We are made for enterprise brands and growing digitally native retailers.

Our solution increases online conversions and creates unique consumer rewards, offering a personalized consumer experience.


Lucky Moments API

Integrate our solution in less than 5 mins, and watch how you're able to understand your consumers better than ever before.

Audience data, decisions, and preferences are easy to analyze for further optimization.

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