Lucky Local


Turn retailers into your brand’s fulfillment center.

An innovative way to reach your customers.

Customer shops on brand website
Customer shops on brand's website as usual
Customer chooses how to pick-up
Customer chooses to pick-up their order or get it delivered by a retailer
Lucky reroutes their order
Lucky reroutes their order to the nearest retailer with inventory for same day pick-up or delivery.

Lucky fulfills

Lucky integrates your brand with retailer's, letting you utilize them as a fulfillment center.

Now any online store is able to offer same day in-store pick-up or delivery options with retailer's resources.

lucky delivers

A disruptive sales opportunity for brands and a new revenue stream for retailers


Increase Sales

Capture previously lost revenue from shoppers who want faster delivery or physical pick-up options.

Excite Customers

Thrill online visitors with targeted offers and discounts, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Build Trust

Build loyalty and confidence by getting access to the biggest retailers in the country that customers know and trust.


Revenue Stream

Increase sales by fulfilling orders from brands that sell products through your locations.

Increase Traffic

Benefit from increased traffic to your store by building loyalty and engaging with motivated customers.

Up-sell Opportunity

Sell more products and increase average order value with a new stream of shoppers coming into your store.

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Time to get Lucky

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