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We connect brands with their inventory in stores to enable retail sales growth and attribution.

Be everywhere your customer is

Leverage retail distribution for same-day pickup and delivery

Unify your customer journey, from discovery to purchase.

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Seamlessly sell with retailers

Elevate into a true omnichannel brand



While shopping online, give customers a better, faster and more sustainable option to buy.



Customers can search every retailer near them with stock available right now



Order is seamlessly routed to the retailer for same-day pickup or delivery.

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Bridging the gap between Stryx's online customers and local retail demand

“Every brand today needs an omnichannel strategy, and using Lucky makes it incredibly easy to seamlessly integrate your website with retailers.”

— Jon Shanahan, Co-Founder & CMO of Stryx


Total customers search locally with Lucky

Collecting data-driven local retail demand

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View critical omnichannel data

Lucky’s turnkey dashboard collects and reports valuable insights from your customers.

Brand Conversion to Retail Purchase

In-Store Product Success

Local & Geographic Demand

Retail Sell-Through Rate

Built-inslack logonotifications

and much more!

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Helping Reel offer fast, sustainable fulfillment via retailers for an environmentally-conscious consumer

“Lucky is easy-to-use and offers simple value to our customers. We look forward to sharing this data with our retail partners.”

— Jeff Borsuk, VP Growth + Performance Marketing at Reel Paper


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Generating thousands of new buyers

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