Enhance your physical presence by fulfilling orders from a curated list of online brands.
How It WorksWith Lucky any business with a physical presence can earn extra profits by becoming a product center.
Lucky directs online traffic from related brands into your store by encouraging customers to pick-up products from your location.
And earn a percentage of the revenue from each order you fulfill from Lucky's brands
Brands ship products to your location in advance
Customers shop online and choose to pick-up at your store
By fulfilling Lucky orders, you introduce foot traffic and a new revenue stream for your store
Boost your growth and customer engagement
An additional revenue streamA new way to collect warm leads and convert them into paying customers.
Extra foot trafficEnjoy all the benefits of extra foot traffic for your location at no cost.
Up-sell opportunitiesUp-sell new warm customers coming to your physical store.
Collect targeted dataUnderstand why customers come to stores, and which brands produce the most interest.
Get started todayAre you ready to get Lucky?Helping 7-8 figure e-commerce brands
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